“Thinking through my fingers, letting the world have a peep into my head.”

Pynomavillator writes to relate, engage,enlighten,learn and inspire

Life can really be daunting when you go through it all by yourself…..I have been there, and I know it! Just a slight realisation that you’re not alone in it all, can be a breath of fresh air and that’s what this blog site is all about….sharing on various subjects pertaining to life drawing from personal experience, the experience of others, acquired knowledge, personal reflections as well as borrowed knowledge.

Hi everyone! Welcome to my BLOG, I look forward to engaging with you all on various subjects I shall be posting on this platform. I answer to the name Pynomavillator Lunga, and being an introvert and a “thinker”, I find writing to be the best language through which I can express myself. That being said I hope you all can relate to my posts, draw some inspiration and by any chance I hope you find life less daunting when you come across any of my posts. ….Oh and If I can make your day, you’re very much welcome. ENJOY!



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